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Welcome to Flower and Gardening, where all the pretties of the plant world are written about.

There are Public Gardens with an educational bent or community mission. Heritage Gardens delve into the history of a place, people, or plants in a public or private landscape. Native plants are the focus of Wildflower Gardens, not only where to see them but how to grow species plants close to home.

So, you want to grow a flower garden. There is an assortment of how-to-grow and what-to-grow writings. But more inspiration awaits; in Scented Flower Gardens with fragrant blooms and the classic example of a bouquet in Rose Gardens.

Garden musing at Theme Flower Gardens will send plant lovers on an extraordinary journey of growing flowers everywhere and for any reason.


Houseplants are fun to grow and great interior decor, but they also help clean the air we breathe. Increasing awareness of the dangers of indoor air pollution has made houseplants more popular than ever.

Learn how to have a bit of the outdoors inside with growing tips, plant profiles, pest prevention and treatment guides, and much more. From African Violets to Zebra Plants, you’ll find it here if it’s about houseplants.

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